Professor Kiyohito KOYAMA

Yamagata University

Kiyohito Koyama
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Academic Background

1982 Tokyo Institute of Technology, PhD in Faculty of Engineering

1972 - 1974 Yamagata University, ME in Faculty of Engineering

1968 - 1972 Yamagata University, BE in Faculty of Engineering

Professional Experience

2014.4 - President, Yamagata University

2007.9 - Director & Vice President, Yamagata University

2004 - 2007.8 Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Yamagata University

1999 - Present Director, Plamedia Corporation

1999 - 2005 Director, The Venture Business Laboratory, Yamagata University

1992 - Present Professor, Yamagata University

1987 - 1992 Associate Professor, Yamagata University

1974 - 1987 Assistant Professor, Yamagata University

Professional Activities

Editorial Board, Journal of Polymer Engineering
Editorial Board, Rheologica Acta

Field of Research Interest

Rheology of polymers (e.g. elongational viscosity of non-reactive and reactive blends, nanocomposites), development of constitutive equations, CAE analysis of viscoelastic fluids

Polymer processing and structure development (e.g. foaming, blow molding, electro-spinning, flow-induced crystallization, flow instabilities)

Electro and Magnetic rheology (e.g. electro-rheology and structure development) Sonochemistry (e.g. ultrasonic polymerization)

Journal of Publications